4 Marketing Tips to Attract Tenants to Your Vacant Property

The way you market your property has a big influence on the kind of tenants you attract. As a landlord, you could be facing two choices in regards to your vacant property. You can let it remain vacant as you wait for your ideal tenant (often the right rent), or fill up the vacant fast with rents lower than you expected. But with the right marketing tactics, you could have both; attract well-paying tenants quickly. How can you do this?

Proper property preparations

First impressions matter. If prospective clients are not impressed by what they see, they may haggle for low rents, or look elsewhere. Good preparation involves making basic repairs, basic sprucing and working on curb appeal.

  • Simple repairs include filling cracks, chips and dents on the floor and walls. Plumbing leaks should also be fixed.
  • Basic sprucing jobs include applying a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling if possible.
  • Changing fixtures like faucets and bulbs can also change the look of your house.

For a property that has recently been vacated, you need professional end of tenancy cleaning services. This is the best guarantee that the house is cleaned from top to bottom right. Ensure that the cleaning services touch every corner including beneath furniture items. Any lingering smells should also be dealt with.

Work on Kerb appeal includes mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, cleaning the driveway and basic landscaping. A fresh coat of paint on the siding, window and door sills can alter the appearance of your house radically.

Write pulling ad copy

Catch the attention of your prospective tenants with attractive details. You should list the usual information including the number of rooms, rent, deposit, the location of property and contacts.  Go a step further and include interesting details like ease of commute, amenities in the area, and any discounts you have. Something like free internet for the first 6 months would be very appealing to student tenants.

Take attractive photos and video

Use your smartphone to take high definition photos and videos. Ensure to highlight the strong points of the property, for example, a big living room. If you are targeting premium tenants, it would be advisable to invest some money in a professional photographer. A 360-degree video virtual tour of the property can be very appealing to prospective clients.

Know your placement

Place your ads according to your target tenants. If you are targeting students, free classifieds sites will work well. If you are targeting young professionals, you might want to put up Facebook ads.  You can experiment with different ad copy for different places to get your desired tenants.

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