How to get booked on Airbnb as a new host

Managing your Airbnb in London may seem simple enough but it is actually one of the trickiest business ventures that one can explore. Managing an Airbnb or any short-term rental for that matter comes with a host of challenges that must be dealt with and this may not be the easiest thing for a host to deal with. A lot of hosts attract customers based on positive reviews from previous guests. But how do you go about attracting guests when you are completely new to hosting? Here is how to get booked on Airbnb as a new host:

Hire Airbnb management services 

If you would like to get booked quickly as a new host, it might help to rely on the services of Airbnb management to help you manage your Airbnb in London. There are many reasons why hosts opt to seek services from Airbnb management services including convenience and professional maintenance. 

Airbnb management companies handle various tasks from updating your listing and handling your booking to maintaining conversations with guests to managing your prices. The right Airbnb management will deal with all the primary aspects of running a successful rental property so that you can maximize your revenue as a new host.

Make sure that you set competitive rates

To attract guests, you can try setting your daily rates less than the average price that your property should fetch. For instance, if you are hosting a small one-bedroom apartment in a downtown area and see similar properties listed for a higher price, consider pricing your rental slightly lower to encourage guests to make initial bookings. Make certain that your listing is accompanied by excellent and high-quality photos as well as a well-written listing description to compete with other older rentals in your region.

Upload quality photos of your space

When trying to attract guests as a new host, it is paramount that you post high-quality pictures of your listing. It is always worth it when you hire a professional photographer that can do the job correctly instead of taking the photographs yourself as a way of saving money. When taking photos, the lighting, framing, focus, and angles are all things that you have to keep in mind.

Understand your type of customer

What type of customer are you mainly interested in attracting? People traveling on business? Or families? Knowing what your guests expect is important as it will help you make some major management and advertising decisions that will eventually place you at the top of the listings in your region. You may need to engage a property management company that provides Airbnb Management Services.