How Does a Green Cleaning Services Look Like?

Green places are increasingly more preferred by young and trendy tenants. As a landlord using green cleaning services not only makes you attract this clientele but also makes your units healthier living spaces. If you are looking for post end of tenancy cleaning services to do cleaning services, you will find plenty of cleaning services claiming to be green. How do you know whether a cleaning service practices green cleaning?

Green products

While green cleaning products are made from natural ingredients, it takes time to source these ingredients in sufficient quantities for whole house cleaning. If a cleaning company has taken the effort to formulate green cleaning products it is a credible green service, some of these products include:

  • Baking soda for cleaning sinks
  • Vinegar for washing away mold, fungi and water stains.
  • Lemon oil for polishing furniture, chrome and other surfaces
  • Bona for cleaning floors
  • Green multipurpose cleaners – These are cleaners that can be safely used around the house. These cleaning products are usually formulated from vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon. For bathroom cleaning, essential oils are added for fragrance.

Green tools and equipment

Green cleaning goes beyond using green products. A cleaning service should use tools that encourage sustainability and environmental conservation. A post end of tenancy cleaning services should some of these tools and equipment including:

  • Microfiber mops and towels – This type of fabric is made by closely knitting natural fibres together. They capture dust and dirt, and microscopic organisms better than sponges. Using microfiber mops and towels is better than using sponges, which are made from petroleum products, and retain bacteria.
  • Energy saving cleaners – check out cleaning equipment for energy saving rating like the ENERGY star. There is also the CRI green label that can be found on hoovers and vacuums.

Green business operations

The way an end of tenancy cleaning London service conducts its business operations can tell you a lot about its convictions on green practices. Some of the green business practices that you should see include:

  • Use of recycled paper in the offices
  • Reduction of paper correspondence and documentation, for example, your price quotes and invoices should be on email instead of conventional mail
  • Carpooling for employees and using vehicles that are fuel efficient

There are several benefits of using green cleaning services, among them:

  • Health reasons – Green cleaning products are less likely to trigger allergies
  • Better fragrances – The natural fragrances of green cleaning products are softer than artificial fragrances.
  • Environmental friendly – These products break down quicker in the environment posing less of a threat as pollutants.

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