How to Screen Potential New Housemates in Manchester

For a number of reasons, your current flat share in Manchester may be disrupted by a member leaving for new pastures. This leaves you looking for a replacement and because there are so many looking to house share, the main problem lies in finding the right person. How do you know who will fit in with you. Here are a few things when screening a new housemate to ensure the best experience.

What they do

This person will be sharing the bills and rent for the same house you do. As such, the first question you should ask is what they do for a living. If they are in between jobs, you have good reason to be skeptical. Otherwise, a 9-5 routine is good as it means that they will be able to pay rent and bills on time.

Their background

You don’t want to ask too much about someone as it is rude and you may scare a good roommate away. However, there are a few things you are entitled to ask. You will want to know about their previous work, where they come from and if they have a criminal past.


Finding out about someone’s hobbies can be a great bonding moment for both of you, since you may discover that you love live music or play sports. Maybe you both like to practice DJing in the early hours of the morning or play drums. Whatever the case, you want to make sure that their hobbies don’t make your life difficult or yours difficult to live with for them.

Do they work from home?

The advancement of technology has made it possible for many people to work from home. They don’t have to commute from the office as long they have internet, a computer and other tools. But in the confines of a snug house share, working from home may prove a challenge if a number of your roommates also operate from home.


This is a huge contention depending on whether other people in the house smoke or not. It is also important to note that many landlords don’t allow smoking in their premises and if contemplating someone who does, it’s worth considering where they could smoke if they lived with you. Rooms to rent Manchester may not seem easy to find especially to be smoking free.

Do they have a partner?

This is can be great or disastrous in a new housemate. Some may move in as a couple and ultimately crowd the bathroom, living room and kitchen. There is also the issue of extreme discomfort when arguments break out. Others will be easy going and pass by with their significant other from time, not bothering you at all.

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