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Search Engine Optimization Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a way of optimizing your site for the search engines, rather than them optimizing your site for you. SEO can be very time consuming and it’s important to consider many things when determining whether to focus on SEO or pay per click marketing. If you already have a web presence then there is no need to learn SEO. Even if you don’t have a web presence then it’s still important to understand SEO as it will provide you with much needed exposure to potential customers. There are really only two basic differences between SEO and PPC marketing.

The first difference is in the source of traffic.

Organic traffic: This is the most popular form of SEM, which means that the traffic is coming directly from the search engines rather than from links or Pay Per Click campaigns. Pay-per-click campaigns can drive organic traffic, but they often times cost per click. Search Engine Optimization is also organic, but the main source of traffic comes from search engines rather than links or PPC campaigns. The second difference is in the listings that appear on the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization strategies to drive traffic to your web site by ranking highly for specific keywords or phrases. Once your web site has been ranked high for a specific phrase or keyword combination, your web site is listed on the first page of the search engine results. The higher up your web site is on the first page, the more likely people will click on your advertisements. People who are interested in your services or products will typically spend time reading your website, reviewing your products or finding similar products to buy. Because your online business is advertised on the first page, you stand to gain the greatest number of visitors, sales and clicks if you utilize a search engine optimization campaign that drives quality traffic to your web site.

A good search engine optimization marketing strategy will consist of several elements such as creating a blog, article marketing, press releases and directory submissions. All of these items will help to increase your web site’s visibility to the first page of the search engines, thus allowing for visitors to arrive at your web site by clicking on links contained within your articles, blogs or press releases. Directory submissions and blog submissions are especially valuable because many times the top search engine listings are comprised of websites that have little to no web content, but have been professionally formed to lure potential customers.

Another aspect of a successful marketing strategy that is often overlooked is the use of negative keywords in order to garner higher search engine optimization rankings. Negative keywords refer to words or phrases that are not used to search for products or services but that are often found in an online advertising campaign. In order to take advantage of these ads, your web site must contain a list of these words as well as synonyms for the same item or service. It is also important to place these words in titles and meta tags so that you can receive the proper credit for them when these ads are clicked on.

The internet has truly revolutionized the way in which many companies promote themselves,

their products or services and their search engine optimization strategies. These campaigns do not have to be elaborate affairs or involve dozens of employees with extensive knowledge of computer code. The key factor that has allowed online businesses to prosper and continue to generate high volumes of traffic has been the consistent implementation of proven and effective online marketing campaigns.

One way to ensure that you are receiving the best results possible from your advertising campaigns is to make sure that you create your own campaign and take time to carefully design it. For instance, if you have an online business and are attempting to market it using Google AdWords, the best thing to do is spend some time creating a campaign that incorporates several of the major keywords related to your product or service. By doing this, you will be able to attract a large volume of clicks that will lead to your company’s website. However, it is very important to remember that each individual click through to your site should not be influenced in any way by what keywords you choose for your campaign.

  • The keywords that you choose and use in your ads will greatly impact the placement of the ads in SERPs.
  • In order to receive i.e. organic results you must ensure that the keywords in your ad are relevant to your site content.
  • If they are not relevant the search engines will deem them as ads that are designed to attract clicks from a specific audience, which is what the company does not want.