How to get booked on Airbnb as a new host

Managing your Airbnb in London may seem simple enough but it is actually one of the trickiest business ventures that one can explore. Managing an Airbnb or any short-term rental for that matter comes with a host of challenges that must be dealt with and this may not be the easiest thing for a host to deal with. A lot of hosts attract customers based on positive reviews from previous guests. But how do you go about attracting guests when you are completely new to hosting? Here is how to get booked on Airbnb as a new host:

Hire Airbnb management services 

If you would like to get booked quickly as a new host, it might help to rely on the services of Airbnb management to help you manage your Airbnb in London. There are many reasons why hosts opt to seek services from Airbnb management services including convenience and professional maintenance. 

Airbnb management companies handle various tasks from updating your listing and handling your booking to maintaining conversations with guests to managing your prices. The right Airbnb management will deal with all the primary aspects of running a successful rental property so that you can maximize your revenue as a new host.

Make sure that you set competitive rates

To attract guests, you can try setting your daily rates less than the average price that your property should fetch. For instance, if you are hosting a small one-bedroom apartment in a downtown area and see similar properties listed for a higher price, consider pricing your rental slightly lower to encourage guests to make initial bookings. Make certain that your listing is accompanied by excellent and high-quality photos as well as a well-written listing description to compete with other older rentals in your region.

Upload quality photos of your space

When trying to attract guests as a new host, it is paramount that you post high-quality pictures of your listing. It is always worth it when you hire a professional photographer that can do the job correctly instead of taking the photographs yourself as a way of saving money. When taking photos, the lighting, framing, focus, and angles are all things that you have to keep in mind.

Understand your type of customer

What type of customer are you mainly interested in attracting? People traveling on business? Or families? Knowing what your guests expect is important as it will help you make some major management and advertising decisions that will eventually place you at the top of the listings in your region. You may need to engage a property management company that provides Airbnb Management Services.

Three Insurance Services All Adults in the US Must Have

Americans have access to various types of insurance services. Often, these options can leave them feeling confused, overwhelmed and unable to settle on a single choice. Nevertheless, some insurance services are mandatory for all American adults, even if they don’t realize it yet. Some of the most popular ones with Americans are cell phone insurance, mortgage protection, longevity insurance, disability and whole life among others.

Insurance has so many advantages, but only if you choose the right policy.

Here are the three insurance services you must have today.

Renters/Home Insurance

This type of insurance covers you in your home. It covers loss of use, personal property and liability. Some insurers consider Renters Insurance a separate policy from Home Insurance, and that’s true. They only share a few similarities. Where possible, get both of them. Alternatively, get it from insurers who lump the two policies together. Obtain this insurance the moment you decide to move into your own house.

You need this type of insurance for the liability cover it offers.

Expand the liability protection with personal injury endorsement.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most overpriced policies you can ever take. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you should forget about taking it. As an American adult, you should never cruise through life without health insurance. Your personal net worth will take a massive financial hit from which you may never be able to recover. American adults have various ways of getting this insurance. They can obtain:

  • Private health insurance
  • Employer-sponsored health insurance
  • Government-sponsored Medicare or Medicaid

Health insurance restores benefits and is open for lifelong renewal.

Car Insurance

Car insurance covers the vehicle you use. It also covers you in case of an accident. These days, American adults may face insurmountable difficulties trying to buy and drive a car without valid auto insurance. The authorities consider it illegal to drive a car without insurance. More importantly, the insurance must be valid and not expired. You have to keep renewing it every time it expires.

Lack of a valid car insurance can ruin you financially.

As a young adult, you have the option of being in your parent’s auto insurance cover.

Therefore, purpose to take these three types of insurance covers. Without them, your life as an American adult can be quite complicated. Health insurance, car insurance, and renters or home insurance will always determine the kind of life you live as an adult. Without them, expect the unexpected, especially where your finances are concerned. Avoid falling into financial ruins by taking advantage of these insurance services in the United States.

4 Marketing Tips to Attract Tenants to Your Vacant Property

The way you market your property has a big influence on the kind of tenants you attract. As a landlord, you could be facing two choices in regards to your vacant property. You can let it remain vacant as you wait for your ideal tenant (often the right rent), or fill up the vacant fast with rents lower than you expected. But with the right marketing tactics, you could have both; attract well-paying tenants quickly. How can you do this?

Proper property preparations

First impressions matter. If prospective clients are not impressed by what they see, they may haggle for low rents, or look elsewhere. Good preparation involves making basic repairs, basic sprucing and working on curb appeal.

  • Simple repairs include filling cracks, chips and dents on the floor and walls. Plumbing leaks should also be fixed.
  • Basic sprucing jobs include applying a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling if possible.
  • Changing fixtures like faucets and bulbs can also change the look of your house.

For a property that has recently been vacated, you need professional end of tenancy cleaning services. This is the best guarantee that the house is cleaned from top to bottom right. Ensure that the cleaning services touch every corner including beneath furniture items. Any lingering smells should also be dealt with.

Work on Kerb appeal includes mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, cleaning the driveway and basic landscaping. A fresh coat of paint on the siding, window and door sills can alter the appearance of your house radically.

Write pulling ad copy

Catch the attention of your prospective tenants with attractive details. You should list the usual information including the number of rooms, rent, deposit, the location of property and contacts.  Go a step further and include interesting details like ease of commute, amenities in the area, and any discounts you have. Something like free internet for the first 6 months would be very appealing to student tenants.

Take attractive photos and video

Use your smartphone to take high definition photos and videos. Ensure to highlight the strong points of the property, for example, a big living room. If you are targeting premium tenants, it would be advisable to invest some money in a professional photographer. A 360-degree video virtual tour of the property can be very appealing to prospective clients.

Know your placement

Place your ads according to your target tenants. If you are targeting students, free classifieds sites will work well. If you are targeting young professionals, you might want to put up Facebook ads.  You can experiment with different ad copy for different places to get your desired tenants.

How Does a Green Cleaning Services Look Like?

Green places are increasingly more preferred by young and trendy tenants. As a landlord using green cleaning services not only makes you attract this clientele but also makes your units healthier living spaces. If you are looking for post end of tenancy cleaning services to do cleaning services, you will find plenty of cleaning services claiming to be green. How do you know whether a cleaning service practices green cleaning?

Green products

While green cleaning products are made from natural ingredients, it takes time to source these ingredients in sufficient quantities for whole house cleaning. If a cleaning company has taken the effort to formulate green cleaning products it is a credible green service, some of these products include:

  • Baking soda for cleaning sinks
  • Vinegar for washing away mold, fungi and water stains.
  • Lemon oil for polishing furniture, chrome and other surfaces
  • Bona for cleaning floors
  • Green multipurpose cleaners – These are cleaners that can be safely used around the house. These cleaning products are usually formulated from vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon. For bathroom cleaning, essential oils are added for fragrance.

Green tools and equipment

Green cleaning goes beyond using green products. A cleaning service should use tools that encourage sustainability and environmental conservation. A post end of tenancy cleaning services should some of these tools and equipment including:

  • Microfiber mops and towels – This type of fabric is made by closely knitting natural fibres together. They capture dust and dirt, and microscopic organisms better than sponges. Using microfiber mops and towels is better than using sponges, which are made from petroleum products, and retain bacteria.
  • Energy saving cleaners – check out cleaning equipment for energy saving rating like the ENERGY star. There is also the CRI green label that can be found on hoovers and vacuums.

Green business operations

The way an end of tenancy cleaning London service conducts its business operations can tell you a lot about its convictions on green practices. Some of the green business practices that you should see include:

  • Use of recycled paper in the offices
  • Reduction of paper correspondence and documentation, for example, your price quotes and invoices should be on email instead of conventional mail
  • Carpooling for employees and using vehicles that are fuel efficient

There are several benefits of using green cleaning services, among them:

  • Health reasons – Green cleaning products are less likely to trigger allergies
  • Better fragrances – The natural fragrances of green cleaning products are softer than artificial fragrances.
  • Environmental friendly – These products break down quicker in the environment posing less of a threat as pollutants.

Why Does Your Small Business Need Insurance Services?

There is no way of predicting the future, no matter how accurate business forecast may be. For a small business, predictability and stability are more important as the ability to absorb shock is low. If flooding occurred, for example, sweeping away the bigger part of the available stock, it becomes hard to bring back the business back to normal, and chances are that this will force closure. This is why a small business needs insurance services US providers to provide this guarantee of predictability and business stability. Why does a small business need insurance services?

For legal reasons

If your business has employees, you are required to have workers’ compensation, disability or unemployment insurance depending on what you do and where you are located. This is to protect your employees as well as customers on the premises. Failure to take up insurance when legally mandated to do so can attract fines and penalties.

Protecting business assets

In an accident, for example, your business may lose all its movable assets. For a small business, replacing these assets can eat into the working capital such that it is not able to cover its cash flow adequately.

Taking up insurance guarantees that your business is able to bounce back from a catastrophic loss. Insurance compensation takes the place of the working capital that would have been used, and your business goes on with minimal interruptions.

Required for business

People doing business with a small startup may require a guarantee that it is able to deliver or meet its part of the obligation. Some contracts that often require insurance services include:

  • Loan and other financial borrowing contracts
  • Long-term supply of servicing contracts
  • Equipment Hire

Having insurance even when it is not mandatory, adds a bit of comfort to your clients. They know that in any eventuality, they are covered for any loses, damages, or unfulfilled contracts.

Protection against suits

Accidents can and do happen on business premises. Your business could also be unable to complete a contract. If a legal suit is lodged against your business when it is clearly at fault, the compensation demanded can lead to a financial setback that is irrecoverable. By taking up liability insurance, your small business is shielded by the ability of insurance services US providers’ bigger financial ability to raise the compensation.

Attract good employees

Many people will look at the benefits package that comes with the job. If you offer health, life or disability insurance, you are able to attract a good employee because the position comes with a measure of security for the future.

What Insurance Services Are Most Useful for a Small Business?

Every business is continually exposed to risks during its operations. These risks range from injuries of customers and employees on the premises, natural calamities, unfulfilled contracts to damaged assets among others. For a small business recovering when any of these risks actualizes, can become difficult, or force the business to close. A small business needs protection against these risks. Insurance services US providers have different insurance packages suitable for different risks. A small business would require the following insurance cover packages as a priority.

Workers’ compensation insurance

If you have any number of employees, you should take up workers’ compensation insurance. In most states, this is a legal requirement. This type of insurance provides cover for injuries in the workplace, disability, and death. Even low-risk workers can suffer illnesses such as eyesight failure or carpal tunnel syndrome which can turn out very expensive to compensate.

Property insurance

This type of insurance protects your business assets including the premises, office equipment, tools, inventory and whatever else that the business uses in day to day operations. This insurance covers fire, smoke damage, theft, and vandalism. It is commonly bundled with business interruption insurance.

General liability insurance

This type of insurance is needed to cover damages that may be caused by the business’ services, assets or employees. If the company car is involved in an accident, for example, or if a business’ employee damaged property when working for a client, this insurance would cover the compensation.

Professional liability insurance

Your business could commit errors or omissions in executing a contract. This type of insurance coverage protects your business from negligence claims arising from these errors and omissions. Different industries have different compensations schemes for this type of insurance.

Product liability insurance

If you are a manufacturer, you need this insurance coverage for your products in case there are claims from damage caused by your products.

Commercial Vehicle insurance

This insurance covers business vehicles carrying employees, assets, and products. You can also take up non-owned auto liability insurance if employees are using their cars.

Business owner’s policy

This is usually a cover for common risks that face a business. Insurance services US providers will often allow a business owner to pick what is to be included in the package. A standard BOP insurance cover would include liability insurance, property insurance, business interruption insurance, vehicle cover and crime insurance. You can pick what you need depending on what your business does, where it is located and your clients.